Racine Man Injures 2-Year-Old While Stealing Purse

At 4:41 AM on August, 23 an officer of the Racine Police Department was dispatched to the intersection of 17th Street and Boyd Avenue in Racine for a report of a robbery.

Upon arrival, the officer met with a person who said that 17-year-old Anthony Boyd stole her money. The victim told police she was supposed to give the suspect a ride and had her 2-year-old son in the backseat. The son got into the victim's purse and pulled out $800 in cash, which the victim quickly put back into her purse. At that point Boyd got out of the car and said he needed to go back inside. The victim followed him inside with her purse and son. 

When the victim, son and suspect returned to the vehicle, Boyd tried to take the purse. While trying to get the purse the suspect threw the son to the ground. Boyd then yanked the purse so hard the strap broke. The victim did not purse Boyd so she could take care of her son. 

When the officer arrived he noticed bruising and broken skin on the victims arm and a split lip on the child. 

The victim told police the purse was worth $300 with a wallet valued at $150 and approximately $800 in cash inside.

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