Racine Man Charged with Peeping on Men in Regency Mall Bathroom

David Beaugrand of Racine has been charged with invasion of privacy and disorderly conduct after he allegedly spied on men in the men’s bathroom at Racine’s Regency Mall.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on Saturday, November 28 at 2:30 PM. The victim who is a Boston Store employee notified mall security who notified an off-duty Racine Police Officer on the incident. 

The victim informed police that he observed a man with green shoes in the middle bathroom stall on November 27 and returned the next day to see the same man in the same stall on November 28. At that point the victim noticed that small holes had been drilled into both sides of the middle stall to see the stalls on either side.

A mall security officer went into the bathroom to investigate the victim’s claim and did observe the same man with green shoes move toward the stall the security officer was in. The lead security officer also investigated the claim and observed the man with green shoes move toward the drilled holes. When he peered through one of the holes he saw an eyeball peering back at him.

When the Racine police officer entered the bathroom he entered a stall and peered over into the middle stall when he observed a man with green shoes stooped over and “not using the toilet for what the toilet is for.”

Police asked the man with the green shoes later identified as Beaugrand to exit the bathroom. Beaugrand told police he wasn’t peeping at anyone and said he didn’t invade anyone’s personal space while in the stall. He also told police he was on probation and wore a GPS device around his ankle.

After confirming with dispatch the Racine police officer placed Beaugrand into custody for invasion of privacy.

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