Racine County man says he is owed money after Foxconn move

NOW: Racine County man says he is owed money after Foxconn move

MOUNT PLEASANT (CBS 58) - A Racine County man confined to a wheelchair says he’s not getting the money promised to him, when he moved to make way for Foxconn.

Sean McFarlane lives in temporary housing right now with his girlfriend and four kids.

He was expecting relocation money from Mount Pleasant to help him move, but recently found out that’s not happening.

“It came as a shock,” said McFarlane.

He recently received a call from the village that the $22,080 he thought he was going to receive isn’t coming.

“We’ve been waiting for about a month now for these funds and shocked that they would come out and say this,” said McFarlane.

So what happened?

McFarlane was living with his mother and paying rent.

In a statement, the village says McFarlanes mother never mentioned that when they agreed to buy her property and give her relocation money.

The village says because McFarlane was living there, that money should cover him too.

He disagrees. “I’m a separate entity than my mom, I rented from her, maybe that would be fine if I were just living with her, I was a tenant,” he said.

The village also says because he’s moving into a new location also owned by his mom, giving him relocation money would essentially be paying them twice.

“I just can’t believe why they would go after me, in a wheelchair with one leg, a family with four kids and my girlfriend who are just trying to put this Foxconn stuff behind us,” said McFarlane.

Right now the family is living in a house that Mount Pleasant is providing rent free, but it’s only temporary, and McFarlane says he can’t move forward without the money that was promised to him.

“What am I going to do now? I have no idea what I’m going to do now cause I was counting on this relocation money,” said McFarlane, “I’m going to fight with my last dying breath, I have no other options.”

The home the McFarlane family wants to move into isn’t handicap accessible and doesn’t have heat.

McFarlane says without the relocation money, he doesn’t know how he’ll make it ready for his family.

He has set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money to help with the move.

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