Racine County board approves billion-dollar Microsoft investment plan

NOW: Racine County board approves billion-dollar Microsoft investment plan

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Tuesday night, the Racine County Board of Supervisors gave final approval for Microsoft to build a massive data center in Mount Pleasant.

The final tally was 18 votes for the deal and one vote against.

Advocates for the billion-dollar investment say the plan will continue to position Racine County as a key player in manufacturing and tech growth.

Microsoft has been pushing for this deal for more than a year.

The final step was a land sale of 315 acres currently owned by Foxconn.

In recent weeks, the plan was separately approved by the Village of Mount Pleasant and Foxconn. The county board of supervisors approved the last remaining piece of the puzzle Tuesday night.

Now, the clock starts ticking toward construction: Microsoft must start the first phase of construction by July 2026. The second phase of construction must begin by July 2033.

If Microsoft does not meet those deadlines, Racine County or Mount Pleasant can buy the land back.

Racine County Supervisor Tom Kramer called the deal "a dream." "You have 315 acres going back on the tax roll. And the company that's putting it there is an internationally known company."

Supervisor Robert Miller said, "Jobs are important, but the size of the investment is equally important."

There was brief public comment before the board voted, and a representative from Microsoft was on hand to answer questions.

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