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"Put the guns down:" A home caught in the crossfire during a gunfire exchange between police and convicted felon

On Tuesday night, Lizzel Lucas was home with her family near 9th Place and Cleveland when she heard a loud noise outside.

She saw the suspect crash the car and Milwaukee Police surrounded the area. 

The suspect got out of the car and starting firing shots at police. Officers then fired back. 

In the exchange of gunfire, some of the bullets hit her home. "It's frightening because my daughters were literally right there. My daughter was watching the TV that got it," said Lucas. 

One of the bullets hit her home, went through the living room and struck her daughter's TV. Her family hid inside her home but she was concerned about her neighbors who were outside. 

"There was no regard for safety," said Lucas.

No officers were hurt and the suspect took off. Police say they know who the suspect is. He is a 32-year-old man, who is a convicted felon and he has two open felony cases. 

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