Eight teens arrested in West Allis after allegedly stealing family's minivan, police looking for ninth person

NOW: Eight teens arrested in West Allis after allegedly stealing family’s minivan, police looking for ninth person

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Eight teens in a stolen van, including the 14-year-old driver, were arrested by West Allis and West Milwaukee Police late Saturday night. A ninth person is still being sought by police.

The incident began around 11:59 PM November 24 when West Allis Police officers tried to stop the van in the area of S. 65th and W. Mitchell Streets. The van fled from the officers. Stop sticks were later deployed but the van continued to flee. In the area of S. 43rd and W. Mitchell Streets, the van finally stopped after a WAPD officer performed a PIT maneuver. 

Three people inside the van ran away while six others remained inside. Two of the teens who ran were apprehended with the assistance of the West Milwaukee Police. Police are still trying to find the third person.

Cindy Weisling had no idea her van was missing. 

"We didn't hear a thing, see a thing until 1:30 in the morning... and the cops came to the door and asked if we were the owner's of a minivan," said Cindy Weisling. Her dodge caravan was stolen on a public street outside her Shorewood home. 

Weisling says they parked the vehicle about 8:00 p.m. after getting pizza. The family watched a movie in the living room, roughly 30 feet from where the vehicle was stolen.

Now it's totaled, and in the tow lot.

"It was very deflating to see the car. It's been our family car for 18 years. My kids learned to drive on that car, went to college trips, moved them in and out of college, soccer games and all that. So, it's sort of sad that it's the family car that, it's more of a loss of the family," said Weisling.

Almost all personal belongings were taken from the car. The family is trying to track down some of the tools and papers that were taken from the vehicle. Weisling says the nine teens left some things of their own.

"The car was full of candy wrappers and uneaten snacks they must have purchased for driving around," said Weisling. 

The driver of the van will be referred to juvenile court. A 17-year-old passenger, Amorion Moore, has been charged with Bail Jumping and Passenger-Operating without Owner’s Consent. He was also charged for stealing a car just 24 hours before the minivan was taken. He was out on signature bond when police caught him in Weisling's vehicle. The six other individuals will be referred to juvenile court. 

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