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Public Safety and Health Committee approves proposal to add Inspector General

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Members of Milwaukee's Common Counsel are moving one step closer to hiring a General Inspector for the Health Department.

This comes after the department came under fire for their handling of the lead abatement program.

The Public Safety and Health Committee approved a resolution to hire a general inspector to monitor the Health Department and report back to the Common Counsel.

Before the resolution was approved, the members of the committee decided to amend it by taking out the words health department so the person could monitor other departments if needed in the future.

This person would concentrated on the health department first though and minitor it on a daily basis.

The policy and planning director for the health department spoke at the meeting and wanted to thold the resolution until she could talk with the new Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik.

According to committee members, Kowalik is on board with the resolution.

Alderman Mark Borkowski says he can't believe the problems at the health department went this far. 

"It comes down to conscious. It comes down to heart and of the concern of our citizens, our residents. If the constituents of the city of Milwaukee don't take the highest priority than I don't know what does," said Ald. Mark Borkoswki.

The resolution now heads to the full common counsel. 

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