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Protesters rally in Brookfield days before Wisconsin Supreme Court set to consider GOP lawsuit

NOW: Protesters rally in Brookfield days before Wisconsin Supreme Court set to consider GOP lawsuit


BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Hundreds of protesters gathered near Brookfield Square Saturday morning calling on Gov. Tony Evers to reopen Wisconsin.

"We have a governor who has arbitrarily decided what is an essential business and what is not an essential business in essence calling our citizens essential or non-essential citizens. And that's wrong," said Ron Simon from Richfield.

The protest comes just days before the Wisconsin Supreme court is set to take up a Republican lawsuit seeking to block the Evers administration's "Safer at Home" order.

Brookfield police estimated 350 people attended the rally. Police told CBS 58 they did not make any arrests or issue any citations.

Many protesters said all businesses should reopen at once. Others suggested a more gradual approach.

"Gov. Evers should open now gradually around the state especially areas up north, and then start working down and have Dane County and Milwaukee County open up last," said Keith Best from the Republican Party of Waukesha County.

Many people CBS 58 spoke with said they are still employed and working, but they are fighting for those who aren't.

"I'm working. I'm getting paid. I don't want to go get my hair done or go to the bar. That's not why I'm here. I'm here because these people are suffering," said Karen Duane from Pewaukee.

Duane mentioned those who are unemployed, farmers, students, those who are suicidal and those who suffer from domestic violence.

"The solution to this is hurting more people than it's helping, and we need to open up our state now," said Karen Duane from Pewaukee.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services tweeted Saturday saying: "In order to turn the dial on #SaferAtHome & supercharge the #BadgerBounceBack, we must have access to more testing, labs, PPE & supplies. We have to expand contact tracing, aggressively track the spread & increase health care system capacity."

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for Tuesday in a lawsuit seeking to block the "Safer at Home" order. The court, on which conservatives hold a 5-2 majority, is set to examine whether DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm was within her rights to extend the order to May 26.

Republican lawmakers who filed the lawsuit argue Palm should have asked for the state Legislature's approval first. The GOP lawsuit asks for a temporary injunction to block the "Safer at Home" order, but there will be a six-day stay following the court's decision.

Protesters said they hope the court rules against the governor's administration, and they plan to keep holding rallies in the meantime. 

"We're going to keep doing this over and over again until our governor listens to us," Duane said.

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JonN 26 days ago
Imagine if this was London during the Blitz and some people whined and said you're violating my rights. I'm turning my lights on.
Sue 26 days ago
Unfortunately there are so many people who do not respect the office of President. In the past we all came together after elections and worked as one people. Allow the country to run under the directives of the constitution and respect the office of president. Things that are said about our President Trump have been terribly crude. I suppose with the unfortunate rhetoric that is spewed from popular news channels people may feel they have the right to disrespect the presidency. But this behavior is un-American. We know that this pandemic cannot be blamed on politics. An unprecedented, invisible enemy which is understood better in hindsight. We must come together, a house divided against itself cannot stand. In closing, getting our country back to work is where we need to be. Do it safely, but do it. In the future instead of relying on government to bailout individuals & businesses we need to learn some lessons in savings and have a financial safety-net in place. Let’s not be caught unprepared should there be a next time.
Love & God Bless to my fellow Americans ❤️
JonN Sue 26 days ago
Trump's a moron.. Get a clue..
Kevin Sue 26 days ago
I think holding our leaders accountable and saying what we feel about them is a fundamental right guaranteed by free speech. To me its not about ideology its about competence. I agree we must learn from mistakes to be better prepared in the future. That is the responsibility of our leaders in government - to protect us.
Kevin 27 days ago
What a huge difference in leadership we have witnessed during this pandemic. We have a president who has sent out mixed signals, changed his story, pandered to political partisanship, put money and the economy above people's lives, talked more about himself than the American people, and has tweeted ridiculous claims and conspiracy theories.

Here in Wisconsin we have a governor who has been consistent and steady in using data and information from health experts, not giving in to people's whims, and making tough decisions that might be unpopular to keep people safe. He has taken tough measures that have WORKED to help contain the virus and he has released plans that create steps to re-open businesses when it is safe to do so. Sounds like real leadership to me.

As for the protesters - they obviously have the right to protest; however, they are putting themselves and other people at risk by doing so. Risking others' peoples health is not a right. We all want the economy to open up and we all want to go back to work. To me - the protesters come off as spoiled lil brats who don't care about the health of their community and who don't feel they should sacrifice anything during this struggle - or people who just want to make a political statement. Ironically they wear Trump gear and carry Trump signs but they must be protesting Trump's own recommendations that states show 14 days of reduction in new cases (and you can use cases or % of tests if you want) before they begin to re-open the economy.

History will judge all involved.
LP 27 days ago
I wish these protesters would realize that every time they protest, they likely INCREASE the number of COVID-19 cases in this state as they spread the virus amongst themselves and then spread it to their families and communities. By doing this, not only are they putting others at danger, they are actually delaying the opening of businesses in a manner that is safe to both the employees and customers of those businesses.

I also wish they would understand that the inactions of their "president" in the face of this pandemic has directly led to our governor (and governors of other states) to have to implement these stay-at-home orders. Had Trump acted sooner and more effectively (which he *still* hasn't done) the outbreak of COVID-19 would not be so widespread in this country and we could already be opening up businesses and going about our lives as other countries have started to do.
GeQur LP 27 days ago
I would like to see law enforcement in the Brookfield community do their job by protecting the residents and not the rights of the protestors. Life and death dangers to those living in the community has to come before the First Amendment rights of protestors who travel from other parts of the State. Pence himself showed support for this behavior by not wearing a protective mask during his visit to the Mayo Clinic. It isn't about whether he was tested, it is about the dangers of spreading the virus and the mystery of its complications. The object of these protests are to drive us into a civil war. Brookfield Police and police departments around the country have to put a stop to these demonstrations.
AndrewGreen GeQur 27 days ago
"I would like to see law enforcement in the Brookfield community do their job by protecting the residents and not the rights of the protestors."
That is the most disgusting comment I have ever heard. Our country is premised on rights. we do not have a country without them.
Kevin AndrewGreen 27 days ago
do the protesters have a right to catch or spread a virus to others in their community?
Lawrence 27 days ago
Worst one day virus death toll yesterday.
These fools want more.
AndrewGreen Lawrence 27 days ago
1154 in the U.S. Today the lowest Since March 31. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
Lawrence 27 days ago
A mob of government haters, Trump lovers.
CRADMER 27 days ago
Sad people are unable to attend funeral's. It's not the fault of a virus. Evers is using his power and taken away your rights to have and attend those funerals. Just as he has decided that you cannot attend church. Notice the mosques are open? Wake up people. The hospitals are empty, including the makeshift hospital at State Fair park. Nurses are laid off. Open up Wisconsin!
Kevin CRADMER 27 days ago
Yes leaders have to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions to save peoples' lives. The progress we've made in slowing the spread is because of the Safer at Home order. We'd all like to go back to work and open up but let's do it based on science and data. These nitwits are putting themselves and others at risk because they are inconvenienced or just for political reasons.
Chuck CRADMER 27 days ago
"The hospitals are empty, including the makeshift hospital at State Fair park." - So you're saying Governor Evers' actions are working. Yes, he has managed to keep the numbers to manageable numbers in the face of the disease that has no prevention, cure or even understanding of how it is transmitted, yet has made it's way around the entire Globe we call Earth and almost every single Country in the World is dealing with. We have managed with the Governor's guidance to avoid some of the really tragic outcomes others have had to experience SO FAR. I fear if you get your way, not so much.
Chuck 28 days ago
I'm glad to see there was at least 350 folks in Brookfield today who didn't have any funerals to attend due to the virus. I read today younger folks are having blood clots and heart attacks due to the virus and even though they are surviving after days and weeks of ICU treatments, they now have life long issues to deal with due to the virus. I truly hope none of these folks end up dealing with the same thing as the more unfortunate ones due to their demanding their right to act stupid in the face of this deadly disease that is literally destroying the elderly and assisted living workers, meat processors and health care workers who have to deal with the realities of this thing every single day. By the way, I'm dressed in Red, White and Blue also and waving my flag from my living room here because I too am just as American and LOVE my Country as anyone who was standing out there today refusing to comply with the Governor and the law because of some silly perception some right is being taken away from me. At least put a face covering on to protect your kids and fellow citizens from this thing. You don't know if you have it or not.
CRADMER 28 days ago
Governor Evers has stepped over the boundaries of our constitutional rights and liberties as American citizens. If people want to stay home, wear a mask, open up their businesses that is their right. Amazing that the "government" can tell us what is essential or not. Abortion clinics are "essential".....? We'll so are our mental and financial health rights essential. As the abortion activists say, my body my choice, right?
James CRADMER 28 days ago
Quotations around Government? Really? Cmon man.
JonN CRADMER 27 days ago
And you whiners are stepping on the rights of the rest of us whom have a right to a happy and healthy life. You're in a minority that is selfish and self serving. Sit down, shut up, and stop drinking the kool aid.
Rommel 28 days ago
To the Covidiot protesters...hope the virus hits you,right in the mouth.
JonN 28 days ago
Open a few fire hoses.. They'll go home..
GeQur 28 days ago
The Brookfield Police Department needs to do their job.....as in PROTECT THE RESIDENTS OF BROOKFIELD. This is your first duty. They are potentially infecting people in your community. That has to scare everyone. The Governor has a right to govern. He represents the people and uses science and statistics to govern. Govern Evers does not govern using politics as his weapon. If the Supreme Court in Washington will not convene to hear arguments about Mr. Trumps tax returns because of the virus, why in the hell is our court meeting during a "stay at home" order? We have the same virus here that they have in Washington DC.
Jules GeQur 28 days ago
I think our Governor is so stupid he needs to be impeached
James Jules 28 days ago
Jules, please add something constructive to the conversation. Your posts were at first annoying, now they are really annoying and insipid.
LP Jules 27 days ago
Jules, you spelled president wrong.
Kevin LP 27 days ago
LOL !!!
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