Protesters ask Republicans to reconsider early voting bill

MILWAUKEE -- Protesters appeared near city hall to ask state lawmakers to vote against a bill that would limit the amount of hours a person could cast their absentee ballot.

The Wisconsin State Senate is considering a bill that will restrict the total amount of hours a municipality can hold early voting to 45 hours. It would prohibit voting in-person by absentee ballots on the weekends as well. The bill as already been passed by the State Assembly.

State Senator Tim Carpenter hopes it doesn't make it to the Governor's desk for his signature. \"A lot of people can't get off from work, they have children and other responsibilities. This just makes Democracy a lot more difficult for folks, so that's why we are really frustrated and ask the Republicans to really think what we are doing, because they don't need to do this.\"

Republicans say this bill will help level the playing field when it comes to voting hours across the state. Bill supporters want voters in small communities to have the same amount of hours as voters in Milwaukee or Madison.


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