Protect yourself against hackers with your passwords

2014 is becoming known as the year of the data breach when you're out shopping at the stores and even online.

Experts say 80-percent of security breaches involve stolen or weak pass codes.

\"It shouldn't be the name of your favorite pet or the high school you went to or information a lot of people share on social media”, says Krista Montie with the Center for Internet Security.

Krista Montie with the Center for Internet Security says people have to be more creative when creating their passwords.

\"Set up a coding system that will be easy for you to remember, but hard for the hacker to guess\", says Montie. \"If you take the title of your favorite song or a verse from a favorite poem, and you can look at identifying substitutions for that.\"

Another mistake people want to avoid is writing their passwords on a notepad.

\"If you lose that, then all of the keys to the kingdom so to speak are quickly available\", says Montie.

Experts also say the most common numbers people use when creating a password are one through six.

We have a link to the Center for Internet Security's website, which provides more tips to help protect people's information from hackers.

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