Protect Your Pets from Active Coyotes

The Wisconsin DNR has a warning tonight for any pet owner. If you let your cat or dog outside, realize it could be a very costly decision. Even deadly.

Heather Bechthold is one of the lucky ones. This Mequon pet owner says her miniature schnauzer was attacked viciously by a coyote in the backyard. But he lived through the ordeal.

The Wisconsin DNR does not want this happening to you. The department warns this is the time of year coyotes are rather aggressive since their young pups have either joined the pack or are on their own. Regardless, they're on a mission looking for food and any animal, ten pounds or under, could be the perfect dinner.

The one best piece of advice is to remove any food source, like garbage and even bird seed, around the outside of your home. Also keep in mind coyotes don't normally harm humans.  You can also scare them easily by making a loud noise. 

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