Proposed county law to cite malls who don't allow close bus stops

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Supervisor Patricia Jursik introduced an ordinance that would require shopping malls to provide full bus access to their main entrances. Sup. Jursik says she this ordinance is the result of numerous failed attempts to convince Southridge Mall management to reconsider their stance on bus stops near their mall.

In November 2013, Simon Properties, the company that owns Southridge Mall, moved all bus stops away from the mall entrances. Bus riders are now required to use bus stops 1,000 ft. away from the mall.

Sup. Jursik says , \"If we allow Southridge to get away with blatant discrimination against bus riders, many of whom are elderly or disabled, how can we be sure that other malls won't follow suit?\"

If passed, all shopping malls inside Milwaukee County will risk disorderly conduct citations if they do not allow county buses access to their property.

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