President Biden's overall approval drops in latest Marquette Law poll

NOW: President Biden’s overall approval drops in latest Marquette Law poll

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new Marquette Law Poll released Thursday, Sept. 23, finds President Joe Biden's overall approval rating has dropped since July. But the poll shows support on certain topics, including the Coronavirus pandemic.

The latest Marquette Law Poll shows 48% of Americans approve of President Biden. This is down from 58% support back in July.

"In terms of the polling averages and going way back in history, it's not unusual for a president to be somewhere close to 50-50 or slightly underwater at this point," said Marquette Law Poll Director Charles Franklin. "President Trump was worse off at this point. President Obama did better off at this point. But over the long haul, by the time we get to this point in a president's term the honey moon, if there was one has largely dissipated."

Some of the dip relates to how the president handled withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Americans say America should have left and the war was not worthwhile in the end.

Still, 63 percent did not support Biden's methods.

"I think you see a real mixed picture. One that's hurting Biden considerably because of his handling of the situation, but I think on those other two items, you see a pretty clear, almost 3-1 agreement that getting out was the right thing to do," said Franklin.

The poll's director says Biden's COVID-19 pandemic response has been his strong suit.

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Americans support mandates requiring teachers and students to wear masks.

But the real divide is along party lines.

Ninety-three percent (93%) of Democrats who think COVID is a serious problem in their state back Biden.

"Republicans are about evenly split on whether they think the COVID epidemic is a serious problem of not a serious problem. And for Republicans who think the epidemic is serious 30% approve of the way Biden's handling it, of those who think it's not serious, only 6% approve. So that's an example of seeing a very big partisan split," explained Franklin.

President Biden's overall job approval rating has dropped across parties as well.

Just 9% of Republicans and 43% of Independents support him.

Among Democrats, it fell from 96% in July to 89% this month.

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