Presentation of Sterling Brown audit will not happen Thursday

NOW: Presentation of Sterling Brown audit will not happen Thursday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission was supposed to discuss an audit of the tasing and arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown Thursday evening. The presentation of that audit will no longer happen.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the FPC said that newly released information needs to be investigated before an audit can be presented. Specifically, the social media posts of the officers involved in the arrest are being investigated. Those social media posts were brought up in the lawsuit filed by Sterling Brown against Milwaukee Police the City of Milwaukee and the officers involved.

According to the statement, new disciplinary actions could happen due to the posts which would then need to be reviewed by the Fire and Police Commission thus delaying the Police Department's presentation of the audit.

The statement went on to say that the delay is, "not an attempt to cover up or avoid discussing what happened in the incident involving Sterling Brown."

Milwaukee Police Chief Morales said on Tuesday that he would be commenting on the situation at a meeting on Thursday morning. No meeting was on the schedule. It is unclear if Chief Morales will still comment on the Sterling Brown incident.

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