Powerful Weather System

The fall season has been a relatively quiet one so far.  The start of November has been the warmest ever recorded for Milwaukee; 11 degrees above normal.  November is full of extremes, and that's exactly what we will be dealing with later this week.

The jetstream winds are strongest during the fall and winter.  A strong jet helps to create areas of low pressure at the surface.  Lows can pull in very warm air from the south and bitterly cold air on the backside.  A low is forecast to move from the lee of the Rockies into the Midwest.

Thursday and Friday are forecast to be unseasonably warm.  Strong southerly winds will push temperatures well into the 60s.  The record high on Thursday is 69, and we could push toward that record.  Friday will remain mild; however, Friday night the temperatures will drop as the storm moves through.

Temperatures over the weekend are forecast to be int he lower 40s and windy.  There's even a chance for some flurries Saturday morning.  The storm will bring a mix of rain and snow across the Northwoods on Saturday.  Hunting season begins Saturday so many hunters will need to watch the forecast closely! 

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