Potawatomi Hotel & Casino offering $1,000 bonus to all new hires

NOW: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino offering $1,000 bonus to all new hires

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Potawatomi Hotel & Casino announced Monday, Aug. 16, they will offer a $1,000 hiring bonus to all new hires. 

The Potawatomi Hotel & Casino says they are continuing to reopen amenities and expand operations, and that also includes ramping up recruitment and hiring with hundreds of new positions open.

The $1,000 hiring bonus program has been in place for several months, but was limited to positions in food and beverage and hotel operations. Expanding it is part of their effort to fill those positions.

"We would like to open more robustly. We would like to open quickly with some of our restaurant amenities, more gaming, and to do that we need people, that's the bottom line," said Potawatomi Public Relations Manager Ryan Amundson.

Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce (MMAC) officials said employment is still at about 60% of what it was pre-pandemic in the region, so it's a problem many organizations have, which is why things are changing.

Summerfest this week announced a $3.50 raise for most of their seasonal employees in an effort to staff the event.

"The job market is more competitive than ever, it's really hard for employers to find employees. There's high demand for workers across all sectors, from high skill down to even entry level jobs," said MMAC Senior VP for Government Affairs and Public Policy Steve Baas.

Baas said the ball is in the employers' court to try and get workers back to work.

"If you're a worker and you're willing to work, it has never been a better time to go out looking for a job. Employers are being incredibly creative trying to get workers here, keep them employed and make them part of their culture," said Baas.

Like the raise for Summerfest employees or the expansion of the hire-on bonus program to all new employees at Potawatomi.

"In an effort to [fill positions] we think offering $1,000 to those that are interested in the job here will hopefully, hopefully motivate some folks to come on out," said Amundson.

That bonus here comes in three parts over the first 90 days of employment and is the full $1,000 for full-time employees, or $500 for part-time employees.

There will be two job fairs held on site at Potawatomi from 3-7 p.m. on Aug. 31 and Sept. 14. Those wishing to attend the job fair can expedite the process by applying online HERE

“This is a pivotal time at our property,” said Potawatomi Hotel & Casino CEO and General Manager Dominic Ortiz. “We need hundreds of employees to not only open our amenities, but deliver an experience that’s better and more exciting than anything our guests have come to expect from us.”

According to a news release, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino offers a robust benefits package, including its newest offering – a $200 vaccination incentive. Other benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Flexible spending account
  • Employee assistance program
  • Retirement program with company match
  • Paid time off
  • Free parking
  • Free uniforms
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