Possible end game to Northridge Mall court drama with new ruling

NOW: Possible end game to Northridge Mall court drama with new ruling

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Monday, Aug. 15, Judge William Sonsay said he's hoping to find a resolution to the three-year court fight between U.S Black Spruce Enterprise Group Inc. versus the city of Milwaukee.

Judge Sonsay ruled in favor of the city after he agreed that the owners of Northridge Mall failed to keep it secured under a 2019 order when Black Spruce sued the city to overturn the raze order. The owners have until Friday to secure the building. If they don't, they will be fined $2,000 each day they aren't in compliance.

"This has gone for too long. It needs to come to some conclusion," said Judge Sonsay.

The city alleged that several fires erupted on the Northridge property as a result of the lack of security and maintenance.

The 2019 agreement mandates Black Spruce provide security and monitorization of the property 24 hours a day, upkeep tending, trash, litter removal and close off openings into the vacant building.

Those on the witness stands were Lt. Shannon Taylor, Condemnation Inspector Tim Bolger and Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski.

The attorney for Black Spruce said his clients did not understand the agreement was still in effect after the lawsuit was appealed earlier this year.

The 2019 city condemnation order, which was overturned on appeal in March, is scheduled to be reviewed Oct. 3.

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