Positive COVID-19 cases in kids double since August

NOW: Positive COVID-19 cases in kids double since August

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58)-- The medical community is urging caution as the number of kids testing positive for COVID-19 continues to climb.

"We know that about twice the number of kids have tested positive for the virus compared to one month ago," Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Gutzeit said. 

More than 4,000 kids tested positive for COVID-19 in Wisconsin during the week of Sept. 12. This time last month, just over 2,000 kids tested positive. 

"Those children that are testing positive for COVID are not necessarily requiring hospitalization, but we are seeing increased numbers," Gutzeit said.

A low dose of the Pfizer vaccine for kids between five and 11 years old is expected to be reviewed by the FDA in the coming weeks.

"Having the ability to immunize even more people will definitely make an impact in terms of reducing the spread of infection," Gutzeit said. 

Until then, Gutzeit said the best way to keep kids healthy and in school is to follow prevention strategies.

"We want to make sure we're wearing a mask, that we're watching our distance, that we're washing our hands and that we're only working or going to school when we're well," Gutzeit said.

He added that getting tested for COVID-19 when experiencing any symptom remains vital.

"We need to understand how many kids have the illness so we can put in effective mitigation strategies and continue to maintain those strategies when, and for as long, as necessary," Gutzeit said.

COVID-19 isn't the only respiratory illness impacting kids right now. Fifteen kids were hospitalized with RSV and 11 for rhinovirus.

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