Port of Milwaukee, Jones Island seeing "millions" of dollars in estimated damage after storm

NOW: Port of Milwaukee, Jones Island seeing “millions“ of dollars in estimated damage after storm

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- CBS 58 is getting a closer look at the damage along Milwaukee's lakefront. Early estimates to the Port of Milwaukee and Jones Island could be in the millions.

“There’s debris all over the parking lot," said Tom Matthews, member of the South Shore Yacht Club.

Debris and ice now border the Club, the aftermath of strong winds and high waves on Saturday.

“It was incredible, from the time I woke up I’ve never seen waves so large on Lake Michigan," he added.

Other club members say parts of the pier will most likely need heavy repair.

“The wooden pier’s completely gone, metal sections of the pier are smashed," Club member Kenneth Krueger said.

Less than half-a-mile away is more ruin, from floodwaters, that could cost millions to fix.

“Our inspections today show that there’s damage to the terminal facilities, the buildings the dock wall," Port of Milwaukee Director Adam Schlicht said.

Crews cleaned The Port and an ice-filled Jones Island. Right now, rail service is stopped and public access is limited, however some shipping will continue.

“A lot of The Port infrastructure in the northwestern segment near our city heavy lift dock is full operable," Schlicht added.

He explained that The Port is one of the few city departments that generates revenues. That money goes into the city's general fund.

If the repairs aren't made in a reasonable time, there's a chance taxpayers could feel the impact in the future.

“My concern is that every day where The Port isn’t fully operable may have an impact on our ability to create a robust return to the general fund and the taxpayers," he said.

Inspections of affected port and city facilities is to happen over the next several days.

The Port is set to reopen, partially, as early as 4 a.m. Monday morning.

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