31-year-old man killed in Racine home invasion identified; reward offered for information

NOW: 31-year-old man killed in Racine home invasion identified; reward offered for information

Updated: 9:58 a.m. on Oct. 7, 2021

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Racine police have now identified the man who was killed in a home invasion earlier this week.

As they release his name, neighbors' concerns are growing about violence in the city.

This week has been a difficult one. The police standoff Wednesday and the location of Monday's home invasion are just three miles apart, but people all over Racine are talking about both.

Thirty-one-year-old James Hamilton, who played guitar and loved to write, had a clean criminal record. 

His murder inside a home on Monroe Avenue has baffled police and further increased anxiety in the community.

"These times may seem overwhelming," said Racine Alderwoman Melissa Kaprelian of the 5th District. "But don't let these moments define our community."

Around 10 p.m. Monday night, police were called for a home invasion in progress. Inside, Hamilton lay dead of multiple gunshot wounds, the suspect already gone.

"It's really hard to remain confident, to remain hopeful in those moments, and we all feel that," said Racine Alderman C.J. Rouse of the 11th District.

Racine's 11th District is feeling especially unnerved. That was a neighborhood on lockdown Wednesday after a federal agent was shot serving a warrant. 

What aldermen recommend is exactly what we saw on Clairmont once the lockdown lifted -- families talking to each other after a chaotic scene.

"Get to know your neighbors and spend more time outside connecting with people," said Kaprelian. "With that builds bonds, builds positivity, builds support."

"I want people to find comfort in the community that we have here," said Rouse. "A lot of the unknown is what drives a lot of fear."

The last few months have been particularly difficult, with violent deaths including bartender Becky Rannow, youth mentor Andre Sandoval and Jayden Cronin, who was shot while walking home from a football game.

"Let's not hold onto that negativity," said Kaprelian. "And this is not Racine. This is just a moment somebody made a bad choice."

Racine has a new police chief, and with that, new ideas to try to curb the violence. Aldermen suggesting joining a neighborhood watch group.

As for this latest homicide and home invasion on Monroe, Crime Stoppers of Racine is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Published: 10:08 a.m. on Oct. 6, 2021

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A homicide investigation is underway after Racine police were called to a possible home invasion on Monroe Avenue, and found a 31-year-old man shot multiple times.

It happened Monday night, Oct. 4, just after 10 p.m. 

Racine police say officers responded to 1009 Monroe Avenue, and located the victim inside the residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 

An active investigation is underway. Police are interested in any additional information anyone may have about the crime. 

Any witnesses, or citizens with information, are urged to call the Racine Police Department Investigations Unit at (262) 635-7756.Those who wish to remain anonymous may contact Crime Stoppers by phone at (262) 636-9330,or through the Crime Stoppers app by using the p3 app. 

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