Police Searching for Driver that Fatally Hit 5-Year-Old

Police are searching for the driver of a car that hit and killed a 5-year-old girl in Milwaukee.

The family said it happened when the girl was walking to church on the city's north side.

The Medical Examiner said an autopsy on that little girl will take place today.

The accident happened yesterday morning just before 10:00 AM on West Leon Terrace near Hampton Avenue.

Police said the girl was hit and seriously injured when that car hit her.

She died from those injuries shortly after the accident.

Police have not yet released a description of the car or suspect.

The family tells us the car did slow down after hitting the girl but then sped off.

“We just want to make a plea to anyone that may know any info in regards to this that you would please just make a phone call just turn yourself in just make a call if you any info in regards to this tragic accident,” said a family member.

A vigil for the little girl is slated to take place tomorrow night near the scene of the accident.

The family said a memorial fund will be set up in the coming days.

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