Police records reveal hunt for motive in Roundy's shooting

NOW: Police records reveal hunt for motive in Roundy’s shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department released hundreds of pages of records Thursday, May 13, providing insight into their investigation of the Roundy's shooting.

The department said it could not find a motive for the shooting at the distribution center in March.

Records show no one at the scene saw or heard either shooting.

Witnesses described the warehouse as being very loud inside.

The closest thing investigators came to a motive was a picture of the shooter sleeping on the job on one of his victim's phones.

"There's no indication from people we've talked to there's any real problem between the employees," said Captain Frank McElderry, with the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department.

Investigation records provided to CBS 58 through an open records request show the shooter, Fraron Cornelius, passed by both his victims during their shifts shown in still images from surveillance cameras.

One still image showed Cornelius pointing what appears to be a gun in the direction of Kevin Schneider, at the spot where his body was found at one of the loading docks.

Kevin Kloth's body was found in a locker room. Employees discovered both after the shooting.

Police found a picture of Cornelius sleeping on the job on Kloth's cell phone. Roundy's personnel records show Cornelius had been disciplined before for sleeping on the job, but there was no evidence either Schneider or Kloth had ever reported Cornelius. None of the men filed complaints against each other.

"For whatever reason he wanted these two to be the targets, we don't know if it was preplanned or a target of opportunity," said McElderry.

While investigators have closed this case, they could reopen it if new information is found.

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