Police: Missing UWM student was using LSD prior to disappearance

Police: Missing UWM student was using LSD prior to disappearance

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- UWM police are putting rumors to rest after a UW-Milwaukee student went missing Friday morning.

UWM police say freshman Sean Baek was using LSD with another student before he went missing. 

He was last seen leaving a residence hall near North and Cambridge just before 1:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 14.

Social media posts by Baek's family members suggest he may be abducted and taken to Chicago, but on Monday detectives said they have no information confirming that is true. 

The social media posts have made its way to campus. 

"It said that like this man in like a coat or whatever, like an ex-military had like a van and drove him to Chicago but I don’t know how true that is,” said Cameron Quinn, a freshman at UW-Milwaukee. 

A witness told police they saw a person run towards the riverbank around the same time Baek left the building. 

Baek's family members tell CBS 58 they hired a psychic to help with the search, but detectives say they want to set the record straight. 

"Depending on how you feel of that type of information, it’s not supported by the facts we have. So we felt it was important especially for the community to know but also students and parents to know what the actual facts are in the case,” says UWM Police Chief Joseph Lemire.

Police describe Baek as being 5'10" and 160 pounds. 

Cameras show Baek was last seen wearing a Milwaukee Bucks hat, a maroon and white shirt and white shoes. 

Baek had sent a message to his dad before he ran out of the building, saying "I love you guys, I am so sorry."

Sean Baek's father, Michael, says he's devastated. 

“Our family is devastated by the disappearance of our son Sean. We are hopeful that he will still be found alive and well. We are asking for any assistance in locating him in Milwaukee or any surrounding areas. Please help us get our boy home,” said Michael Baek.

His phone last pinged near the area he was last seen, just minutes after he left. 

”Witnesses that were able to say they see a person or somebody running and by narrowing down the times and the particular area, we know that it’s likely down towards the river,” adds LeMire. 

Police have not gone into the river. 

”If information comes to us that would narrow down where someone might look, then we’ll explore that," said LeMire. 

”It’s just frightening to see one of our own students be missing like that and have no idea where he is especially for that long,” said Coleton Mueller, a freshman at UWM. 

Police say the student who took LSD with Baek reacted badly before Baek ran out of the building. Police say they did not want Baek to be fearful of them.

"Maybe he was afraid. I think there was information that the police was coming because of the person we have called medical attention on, so the police was gonna arrive, so maybe he was fearful. But obviously he was under the influence, also -- but he's also telling family 'I'm sorry', so we have to consider all sides of that and when we're doing our search, we consider all that possibility," LeMire.

Police say Sean Baek is diabetic and insulin-dependent. 

Anyone with information is asked to call UWM police.

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