Pneumonia front sweeps in dropping temperatures after gorgeous weekend

NOW: Pneumonia front sweeps in dropping temperatures after gorgeous weekend


The weekend was just glorious! Both Saturday and Sunday were in the 70s making it the first time we've had back-to-back days of at least 70* since September 30 and October 1: 215 days ago. Saturday was the second warmest day of the year.

It all changed Sunday evening when temperature dropped quickly. Many spots saw a 10-15* temperature drop in just a few minutes. The cold front reached Milwaukee between 6 pm and 7 ppm when the temperature went from 73* to 47* in one hour. 

The drop in temperatures was forced by a fairly rare weather phenomena called a Pneumonia Front. It is an official term used by the National Weather Service when the lake reinforces a cold front and causes temperatures to drop at least 16* in one hour during our warm season. Milwaukee just satisfied that temperature drop criteria. 

Thanks to a continued lake breeze Monday and Tuesday temperatures will stay in the 40s for highs lakeside with inland communities reaching the low 50s. Wednesday and Thursday look a bit warmer before we drop back around 50* going into the new weekend.

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