Plans to Build Waukesha Cell Tower Delayed

CBS 58- Plans to build a cell tower behind the Buen Samaritano Church were delayed Wednesday night.

The Waukesha Plan Commission voted unanimously to grant a 45 day extension, which both the city and US Cellular wanted.

Plans to build a cell tower behind the Buen Samaritano Church sparked protests from residents nearby. Wednesday night the plan commission held off approving the permit, after US Cellular submitted a new design proposal Monday.

“They tweaked the design of the tower and the city wants time to review that design to make sure it passes muster,” said Alderman Joe Pieper, who represents the area for the proposed tower.

The current Cell tower sits on Waukesha county land, near the expo center. In a statement US Cellular says during this 45 day extension they will continue to negotiate with the county.

”It is always been our preference to stay at our current location, provided we can come to agreement with the county on reasonable terms,” said Curtis Graham, U.S. Cellular Director of Regional Engineering, in a statement.

But if those negations don’t pan out there isn’t much the city can do to stop the cell tower from being built behind the church. State Law doesn’t allow local governments to decline towers based on how tall they are, how they look, or even where they're located. 

“Our hands are tied in a lot of respects because of that law,” Ald. Pieper said. “So it’s been challenging for me to tell my constituents that there’s little we can do.”

The Plan Commission will take the matter up again at their meeting on March 22.

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