Pewaukee homeowner hoping to make holiday tree donation

A Pewaukee homeowner is trying to turn a frustration in her yard into a holiday gift, if she can find someone to take it.

Carla Gutkowski and her family moved to their home in Pewaukee in January. Right away, they noticed there were a lot of trees that are very close to the house. Some, too close for comfort.

One of them is a pine tree planted right next to her garage.

"I don't really know what they were thinking when they planted them so close," Gutkowski said.
It's more of an issue of the root system. If it starts growing it'll get to the foundation and foundation damage is expensive."

That's why Carla and her husband decided, it's time for the tree to go. But after looking at this particular tree, they wondered. What if instead of tossing it, a municipality or company will take it and re-use it this holiday season?

"I was kind of hoping that instead of my husband chopping it down himself that someone may want to come here and do it... at least we can donate it somewhere that will have some holiday cheer this season," Gutkowski said.

So far she has posted messages on social media but no one has reached out to her.

Gutkowski hopes this story will get some traction so that someone takes up her offer and the tree doesn't go to waste.

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