Pet Owners Worry after Coyote Killings in Wauwatosa

Three dogs attacked and killed by coyotes have understandably left some local residents on edge.  So just how vulnerable are we and our pets?

According to the DNR, it's fairly easy to avoid an encounter with a coyote.  Make sure to keep food sources, like pet food and bird seed, away from them.  
It's advised to keep your pets inside as well.
Coyotes typically weigh 30 pounds, so they're looking for prey smaller than them. I'm told we all need to get in the habit of making ourselves the aggressor. In other words show them this is our territory. If you come across one, the experts recommend making loud noises and waving your arms to create a disturbance. Filling a pop can with coins and shaking it is another good idea.
What is not advised is shooting one, even if it's on your own property.  It's illegal to shoot one in most municipalities.

I spoke with law enforcement from Mequon and in Wauwatosa, two places coyotes seem to be appearing a lot lately.  And they both tell me they're working on a plan to control the situation perhaps even hiring trappers.  

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