Person Arrested Accused of Threatening Wauwatosa Police Officers

There's someone in custody accused of threatening Wauwatosa Police officers. Five threats have been received since Monday. 

"Referencing officer safety, and for Wauwatosa officers to watch their backs," said Lieutenant Brian Zalewski with the Tosa Police Department.

The threats come after the decision was made not to charge the Wauwatosa Police officer who shot Jay Anderson. Lt. Zalewski says the threats were made by phone, someone even called 911. There is someone in custody.

"We were able to track down the individual, we believe, is responsible for that threat," Lt. Zalewski said.

It'll be up to the District Attorney's office to decide if the person will be charged, and which charges that person would face. It's a sign that the department isn't taking this lightly.

"We are investigating them fully and when we are able to determine who is responsible for them, we will seek prosecution," Lt. Zalewski added.

Mayor Kathleen Ehley said she is "very very concerned about the safety of the police officers." She added, "Threats are taken very seriously" and "each one is being investigated." She wants you to call the police department if you have information at 414-471-8430.

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