People in Milwaukee, Waukesha County asked to "Recycle Right"

MILWAUKEE/WAUKESHA COUNTIES, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Officials in Milwaukee and Waukesha County want people to stop recycling the wrong way. 

Recycle Right is the name of a campaign to improve the quality of materials that are recycled. 

Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow says a big issue is the stuff folks are putting into their recycling bins. One thing that should not go in there: plastic bags. 

"They are the worst thing you can put in our recycling bins. they cause damage to the machines we have down here, they could be health risks for the workers, and they reduce the quality of the recyclable material that we have," the Waukesha County Executive said. 

Farrow says having the correct material in recycling bins reduces costs to taxpayers. 

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