Pastor Dave now a convicted felon after swindling Oshkosh couple out of $12,000

NOW: Pastor Dave now a convicted felon after swindling Oshkosh couple out of $12,000

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- A contractor who calls himself Pastor Dave is now a convicted felon. He pled "no contest" to theft charges.

CBS 58 News has followed the story for months after multiple people claimed they were swindled by Pastor Dave.

David Ward advertised himself as a farmer and a pastor who was starting up a small contracting business. Several people, however, say they wrote him checks and never heard from him again. Now, he's paying the price.

Ward was sentenced for felony theft after an Oshkosh couple paid him $12,000 and he never completed the work.

"He can't get away with it. Somebody has to put their foot down. Like I said, he destroyed the trust that I would have to help sombebody start up a new business," said Linda Wachholz, a victim of Pastor Dave. 

Earlier this year, Ward was convicted of theft by a contractor in Ozaukee County.

In Winnebago County Court on Thursday, Ward apologized.

"Everything I own is up for sale right now to take care of this, I'm sorry," Ward said.

Judge Barbara Key sentenced Ward to two years probation, saying it's too soon to know if that apology is genuine.

"Courts have seen many tears here. Sometimes they're sincere, sometimes they're not. The only way you can prove it is through your actions," Judge Barbara Key said. 

Ward will be sentenced in Waukesha County in January for another theft by contractor case. 

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