Partial solar eclipse viewable in Wisconsin Thursday morning

NOW: Partial solar eclipse viewable in Wisconsin Thursday morning

We all remember the total solar eclipse from 2017 and now another solar eclipse will happen Thursday, June 10. This one will be a little different. The eclipse in 2017 was a total eclipse where the moon completely covered the sun. This time it is an annular eclipse which means even if the areas that see 100% totality there will still be a "ring of fire" around the moon. 

The only areas that will see 100% coverage will be in Canada, Greenland and northern Russia. Coverage in Wisconsin will increase the farther north you go. some of our southern counties will only see 30% coverage but closer to Green Bay will be around 50% coverage. 

The eclipse will be ongoing at sunrise here in Wisconsin so as soon as sunrise hits at 5:12 AM look to the east over the horizon and over Lake Michigan to watch the eclipse. It will hit a maximum point at 5:15 AM and then fade through 5:40 AM. 

We should have pretty good viewing of the partial eclipse in southeast Wisconsin, but we may have to contend with some lake fog. It will stay mild with temps in the 60s and still very muggy. 

If you're going to view the eclipse remember to wear those eclipse glasses you bought back in 2017. So long as the lenses aren't scratched or punctured they should be good to use! We will bring the eclipse live to you, including a live picture from NASA, during the CBS 58 Morning News from 5-7 a.m.

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