Packers organization rebuilds playground at Milwaukee park after 2019 arson

NOW: Packers organization rebuilds playground at Milwaukee park after 2019 arson

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A playground is being built at Butterfly Park in Milwaukee's Metcalfe Park neighborhood. 

It's the Packers' annual Hometown Huddle community outreach initiative, where volunteers and former Green Bay Packers give back to a community. 

"Take every piece out and lay it down," said Bill Ferrario, looking at all of the pieces of the playground not yet assembled. Ferrario is a former offensive lineman for the Packers. He played with the team between 2001 and 2003.

"The whole state of Wisconsin supported us as players, and to have the honor to come back and help different communities throughout the state," said Ferrario, "I think it's an honor."

"This feels good because I'm from Milwaukee, so whenever there's a chance to give back to Milwaukee, I'm down for it," said Marwin Evans, a safety for the Packers between 2016 and 2018. 

The new obstacle course is right next to a new toddler playground that was built at the beginning of October 2021 in Butterfly Park. 

"Some fun agility aspects and ninja boards really just complete the park," said Amanda Wery, senior outreach coordinator for the Packers.

The park has been without a playground since it burned down in 2019. It happened during a string of arson and vandalism incidents in the area. 

Between the Packers and NFL grants, $50,000 was put toward the new obstacle course. 

At the time of the arson, many neighbors were upset to see the only park in the area up in flames. 

Now, the space is rebuilt and offers children of all ages a place to play.

"I'm definitely going to drive by, probably with my little cousins. Bring 'em by, probably, like 'yeah, I built that,'" said Evans. 

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