Packers fans react after tough loss to Minnesota Vikings

NOW: Packers fans react after tough loss to Minnesota Vikings

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A hard game to watch for Packers fans at Leff's Lucky Town Sunday, Sept. 11. The Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

Fans say key elements were missing to bring home a win against the Minnesota Vikings.

The cloudy and rainy day in Milwaukee served as somber backdrop for the start of the NFL regular season.

"This wasn’t a good game," said Greg Rushing, a long-time Packers fan.

Packers fans going into the game were optimistic for a win.

"I'm really excited to see Doubs, see what he's going to do this season," said Andy Zimmer.

However, when it was all said and done fans say more was needed to bring home a win.

"Our receivers did not get open, our running game didn’t get going, and Minnesota's defense just shut us down," said Rushing.

"I think they have a few things to prove, defense looks good this year, offense a few question marks, said David Crouse.

A notable player missing was former Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders over the offseason.

"The first season together without Davante Adams was tough. They got a lot of new pieces so they got to make a lot of adjustments going into week two, said Matthew Walker.

However, despite this loss fans say the team will always have their support.

"It's in the blood, so, green and gold, you complain when they lose and celebrate when they win, you just have to wait and see what happens," said Crouse.

The Packers head back home next week to take on the Chicago Bears.

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