Packers Fan Get Superstitious in the Playoffs

CBS 58-- Some packers fans credit the success to Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby, but other fans think something else is behind the wins.

“Game days, I always watch it with my two girls,” said Andrew Tucker, a lifelong Packers fan.

When the Packers took down the Cowboys Sunday, Tucker was with his good luck charms, his daughters, wearing a packers shirt you won't find in the pro shop

“It's a white t-shirt that my youngest daughter made, years ago,” Tucker said.

Some might call it superstition, Tucker says it's the key to victory.

“I always wear it,” Tucker said. “I cannot wash it otherwise it'll go away so I always wear it and hang it up to the next week.”

Tucker isn't alone, other fans say they too are helping the Pack in their playoff run.

“One day I’m watching the packers and I’m like I haven't shaved in a while and they've been doing pretty darn good,” said DiAngilo Hiler, a Packers fan.

So Hiler decided no shaving and no haircuts, no matter how much it might bug his girlfriend.

“If this works, it works,” Hiler said. “It's gonna be a thing. Sorry, honey.”

And for any doubters, when these guys broke tradition, the Packers struggled.

“There were a couple occasions this year where I didn't' get to watch with both my daughters and unfortunately we lost both games,” Tucker said.

“In between those years when they didn't go to the Superbowl, I worked in a restaurant so I had to constantly shave,” Hiler said.

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