Owners and neighbors react to tragic drowning of 6-year-old at Bear Paw Beach

NOW: Owners and neighbors react to tragic drowning of 6-year-old at Bear Paw Beach

CALEDNOIA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors said it was a lot quieter than normal after a 6-year-old drowned here at Bear Paw Beach off of 7 Mile Road Saturday night.

Normally this time of year, they say music and fun can be heard on the surrounding streets. Today, on Aug. 28, while campers seemed to still be using Jellystone Campgrounds, Bear Paw Beach was closed to the public.

"We do nothing but pray for the family and anyone involved in this situation," said neighbor Billy Alfahel.

He says he lives a few minutes away and was planning on visiting today when he heard what happened.

He was turned away at the gate.

On their website, they say no lifeguards are on duty, but they do have recommended guidelines.

"For a big place like this that does a lot business, it's very surprising there aren't any lifeguards," said Alfahel.

Alfahel says in a situation like that, he doesn't let his kids out of his sight.

"Basically, they're leaving it for the parents to be their own kids' lifeguard," said Alfahel.

Something he says is dangerous when many parents, like himself, can't swim.

Officials with Jellystone Caledonia and Bear Paw Beach released a statement:

"Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of the victim and to all those affected by this tragic event. The owners of Bear Paw Beach are cooperating with local authorities in an attempt to determine what caused the accident. Our current focus is to provide time and resources for our employees who were impacted by this. We want to thank the Caledonia Fire and Rescue and Police Departments for their fast and professional response and actions."

The park has bookings available again on Tuesday.

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