Owner of Sunshine Supermarket in Racine Charged with Unlawful Cigarette Sales

A Racine County woman was charged this week with three crimes related to unlawful cigarette sales activity.  

54-year-old Mount Pleasant woman Candace Ali was charged by the Racine County District Attorney's Office on Tuesday, February 7, with three misdemeanor counts for unlawful possession of cigarettes, altering cigarette packaging before the sale or distribution to consumers, and failure to keep records. 

The criminal complaint alleges that a store Ali owns in Racine, Sunshine Supermarket, possessed and sold packs of cigarettes that were obtained illegally. It also states that individual cigarettes were sold from cigarette packs opened by store employees, and records were not kept properly.  

Ali faces up to $2,100 in fines, 180 days imprisonment and termination of a cigarette and tobacco retail license.

Sunshine Supermarket is located at 1559 Taylor Avenue in Racine.

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