Organizations Teams Up For Narcan Training Classes

Local organizations are teaming up in an effort to bring drug overdose numbers down.

The CDC says there were 740 deaths in Milwaukee County from drug overdose between 2013-2015.

The West Allis/West Milwaukee Heroin Opioid Task Force, along with several other groups are currently hosting a program called 'Knowledge is Power' at the Survive Alive House in West Allis.

Part of their program includes a partnership with the Aids Resource Center, teaching anyone who wants to learn how to administer Narcan, a treatment to reverse the effects of an overdose.

The other part of their program is the recreation of a teenagers bedroom. Inside there is a growing list of red flags that your child may be using drugs.

Many times, those signs are hiding in plain sight.

A recent survey from the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District found more than 18 percent of 10th graders took painkillers without a prescription.

Program organizers say learning how to spot drug use, and being able to use narcan can mean the difference between life and death.

\"It's a great tool for parents, especially for parents who have a recovering addict  at home or an active addict in their home,\" explained Joanie Luedke, co-founder of WAWM Heroin Opioid Task Force

The is a program aimed at parents and adults. And classes are free.

To learn more, you can click here.

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