Officials: Man stole used cooking oil from Waukesha County restaurants for money

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Thieves are taking used cooking oil in bulk for money. It recently happened to three restaurants in Waukesha County. 

Undercover video from a private detective shows the alleged thief using a tube to siphon used cooking oil in the back of the restaurant Golden Chicken. The owner, Barry Bloom, caught him in the act. 

"I assumed he was a legitimate service or provider providing a legitimate service for our neighbor's restaurant, but then when he drew the oil out of our tank, I went out and asked him not to do that again," Bloom said. 

According to New Berlin police, 28-year-old Xulin Dong hit up three different restaurants on the same day. They believe he's working with a group out of Chicago. 

"To steal the used cooking oil, you need a special truck with special equipment, so this is an organized, usually a group of people who do this," said Captain Mike Glider, New Berlin Police Department. 

The yellow grease is collected and recycled by companies, like Sanimax, then made into biodiesel. It's worth about $2 a gallon. 

Dong also drained oil from Taco Amigo. 

"That's stealing, because someone else's business is being taken away and I think it should be penalized by the law," said Robert Woolfolk, Taco Amigo manager. 

Dong's final stop before getting arrested was Big Tuna. Authorities say he likely collected about $600 worth of used grease. 

If convicted, Dong faces more than two years in jail. 

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