Oconomowoc Police searching for purse thief who used stolen debit card

On Wednesday, April 12 following a theft of a purse from a car, images of the suspect were captured by an ATM, located at 1580 E. Moreland Blvd in Waukesha. The subject was able to reset the PIN through their automated system and then proceeded to the ATM, where he was then able to obtain a cash advance for $350 from the victim's stolen Discover Card.

The suspect then made an additional purchase for food at a nearby McDonald's at about 8:01 AM. At about 11:27 AM,there was one last attempt to use the stolen card for a $200 withdrawal at a location in Chicago. The only information for this location was that it was noted as the \"West Loop- Halsted W.\" This transaction was declined. 

If you are able to identify the suspect or have additional information you are asked to call the Oconomowoc Police Department at 262-569-3257.
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