Oak Creek Police Chief Speaks to CBS 58 about Dallas Shootings

The attack in Dallas hits especially close to home for the Oak Creek Police Department, where officers’ lives were on the line in a shooting incident at a local temple.

CBS 58 morning news anchor Jessica Tighe spoke to Oak Creek Police Chief on Friday.

Oak Creek Police Chief responded to the Sikh Temple Shooting back in 2012 when six people were killed. But the shooting in Dallas is different.

Chief John Edwards says he can't imagine what the Dallas Police Department is going through right now. The shooting is shocking even in the midst of tense times for police across the country.

The chief says he gets calls, emails, and letters about the good work his officers are doing in the community, but the resentment and anger over police-involved shootings has changed life on the force.

He says officers feel like they're under the microscope every day damned if they do. Damned if they don't.

“It's a low point for law enforcement, but we have these ebbs and flows and we'll get through it because the men and women in law enforcement do it for a reason. They don't do it for the paycheck. They're going to go out and do their job and they're going to get through it,” said Edwards.

Tighe asked Chief Edwards if his officers felt supported by our community.

He said, they do but acknowledged it may be different in other communities like Milwaukee.

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