"Now my Father is Gone"; Stolen Audi Kills Father of Four

NOW: “Now my Father is Gone“; Stolen Audi Kills Father of Four

Candase Franklin knew something wasn't right, when her father Phil never called her back on his way home from work Wednesday.

This morning, she figured out why.

47-year-old Phil Franklin was the victim of a hit and run crash, involving his Pontiac Grand Am, and a stolen Audi.

     "I never got the call, and then this morning I woke up to the news that my dad was taken away from me," she says. “I just think about how much he’s going to be missed”

Milwaukee Police say Franklin was turning left onto Greenfield Avenue from 13th around 10:15 PM, when the stolen Audi slammed into his car. The aftermath of the crash was captured on cell phone video, showing the front of the Audi on fire. 

Police say the suspects fled the scene. Franklin died at the scene.

     “They're kids, that’s what they are is kids, and there’s no reason for what they’re doing," says Candase.  I pray for closure for myself, closure for my family. Closure and justice for my dad. I just pray somebody comes forward.” 

Police say the Audi was stolen near 21st and Mineral Tuesday night, less than a half mile from the crash scene. 

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