No Decision on Uniforms, Plan Heads Back to Full School Board

CBS 58-- Whether or not Milwaukee Public School students wear uniforms will be decided next week.

 Tuesday night a committee put that decision back in the hands of the school board, without making a recommendation.

 “Our focus is on fostering a positive school learning environment,” said Superintendent Darienne Driver. “Factors such as safety, school unity, mitigating some of the effects of living in poverty.”

 Driver made the case for school uniforms at a committee meeting Tuesday, but because of some small last minute changes to the proposal, the committee voted unanimously to refer the matter back to the full board without voting yes or no.

 “I just don't want the public to feel they didn't get a say in it, that's all,” said committee chair Michael Bonds.

 The school board will take the matter up at the February 23 meeting. Public comment will be allowed before the board votes.

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