NFL Quarterback Investing Thousands into Milwaukee Organizations

He created a stir by sitting down during the national anthem, taking a stand to raise awareness about social justice issues in America, and 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick isn't just talking the talk..    
CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield shows us how he's walking the walk right here in Milwaukee. Urban Underground has been helping teens on Milwaukee's North side for 17 years. 
Sharlen Moore is busy running the show with just 3 others on staff, and a small budget. 
"It's huge for us," says Moore. 
So it's no surprise that even a football star's agent had to call twice to get her attention. 
"He said what could you do with 25,000 dollars. I said we could do a lot with 25 thousand dollars. And I started to name all of the things," says Moore. 
New computers, stipends for the kids that come here after school instead of the streets, and newer vans than the ones they have now which are 20 plus years old. 
"Some weeks after we received a check in the mail for 25,000 dollars. Couldn't believe, I just couldn't believe it. That this was Colin Kaepernick and that he was supporting our organization all the way in Milwaukee," says Sharlen Moore. 
Besides Urban Underground, Colin Kaepernick gave another $25,000.00 to the "I Will Not Die Young Campaign" here in Milwaukee.
Both organizations focus on keeping young inner city, mainly African American kids alive and moving in a positive direction, an issue Colin Kaepernick stood up for by kneeling. 
"A lot of times people talk about it but the one thing I really value and appreciate with Colin Kaepernick, is that he actually put his money where his mouth is," says Moore. 
This is all part of Kaepernick's initiative to donate $1 million dollars, money from his own salary to organizations across the United States. 

Urban Underground is located at 4850 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53216 and you can contact them at (414) 444-8726. 

If you would like more information on how to be a part of, learn more about or donate to Urban Underground click here

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