New NICU at Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital opened a new state of the Art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU Tuesday.

It was a costly endeavor for the hospital, to provide all the medical care yet also privacy each family needs.

Each room allows the parents to stay with their baby, and even store breast milk.

It was the personal touches to the room filled with high tech life saving equipment that seemed to make the biggest impression on parents who have the weight of the world on their shoulders when their babies are born under precarious circumstances.

\"We're really excited about the new room and the staff and all the work they put into it,\" mother Angie Rayniak told CBS 58 News. \"It's really great.\"

Her newborn John was escorted into the new facility complete with ribbon cutting and to the delight of many well wishers and waiting cameras.

The little baby born a month premature became a local celebrity of sorts, but seemed comfortable wrapped up in a blanket and in his new room.

He even managed a smile for his parents which lifted everyone's spirits.

The NICU at Children's Hospital sees at least 700 babies a year.

The new surroundings give the staff plenty of room to work, but also can lessen anxiety for the family facing these first months of life under worrisome conditions.

\"It's been funded by capital budget and philanthropy,\" explained NICU Medical Director Mike Uhing. \"We are so happy and so thankful to the people who donated to make this possible.\"

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