New MCTS Bus in Service

The very first bus of the new MCTS fleet is taking its maiden voyage Friday. The bus left the Kinnickinnic Station around 11 AM on Friday, leaving to pick up passengers on Route 19.

The New Flyer Xcelsior bus is one of 28 new MCTS buses that rolled off the assembly line recently. The other buses will be going into service in the coming weeks.

"From new buses to a new smart card to Real-Time Information, it has never been easier, safer or more convenient to ride MCTS," said County Executive Chris Abele. "The investments we've made in transit the past few years are allowing more and more people to get to work, get a degree or just visit friends and family."

Veteran driver Russ Schultz will pilot the new bus for its first run. Shultz has been driving for MCTS for 20 years and was part of Milwaukee transit history long before that. In 1965, as a young boy, Schultz was a passenger on the last trackless trolley to run in Milwaukee. Schultz says he is “excited and honored” to once again be part of transit history.

The new 5600 series buses look similar on the outside to the MCTS buses purchased in recent years, but feature numerous upgrades, including a new automatically opening electronic smart door that makes it safer and easier for passengers to get off the bus.

The buses are also equipped with latest disc brakes and air suspension, along with state of the art electric fans and RELS (Reduced Engine Load at Stop) technology, which greatly increases fuel economy and lessens the buses carbon footprint.

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