New Berlin Police Identify Man that was Found Dead after Standoff

New Berlin Police identified the suspect that died after a standoff on Friday.

Stephen D. Condiff, age 51, resided at the home where the incident took place. 

The City of Waukesha Police Department is handling the investigation into the incident. 

Officers were dispatched on Friday regarding a man shooting a firearm outside his residence.

Officers arrived and confirmed the suspect was in fact continuing to fire numerous rounds in both the front and back of his residence.

As officers approached the man fired at them.

Officers returned gun fire and retreated.

The suspect allegedly fired approximately 40-50 hand gun rounds and hit a number of neighboring homes and outbuildings.

The suspect refused to come out and Suburban Critical Incident Team entered the residence and found the 51-year-old the suspect deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

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