New Berlin man dies in tragic accident while on elk hunting trip in Idaho

NOW: New Berlin man dies in tragic accident while on elk hunting trip in Idaho

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58)-- Family and friends of a New Berlin man that was killed in a tragic accident during a hunting trip in Idaho share what they’re going through.

33-year-old Chris Perow died on September 18 after a tree struck by lightning fell on his tent. The impact killed him. He’s being remembered as a family man and an avid soccer player.

Chris Perow and his teammates would spend hours on end playing together at Emigh Playfield in Milwaukee. Chris even met his wife Lauren on the soccer field.

Lauren Perow got the devastating call Thursday morning, she was told her husband died the night before. Chris and his brother-in-law drove out to Idaho for a week-long elk hunt, something they had planned for a year.

Lauren says she’s crushed, and he leaves behind two young sons.

"We had plans as a family. We had plans to build a home, and we had plans to have more children,” said Lauren.

Friends and family remember Chris as a happy person, and someone who's always willing to help.

”Very happy, anytime he would come out to social events or our soccer games he always welcomed you to the field, always bubbly,” said Lee Mostowik, Chris’ longtime friend and soccer teammate.

”He owned his own business, he’s very hardworking. He would do anything for his family and anything for anyone he loves,” said Lauren.

On Tuesday the team played without him for the first time, and they got a win in his honor.  

Soccer is a big part of the Perow family. Chris met Lauren after Mostowik invited her to play on his team. The two got married in June.

”We’re all a family, we’ve been together for years, and having him not show up to the field, that really kind of set everything in, so that was hard,” adds Mostowik.  

”We had played together. I mean our last game we played together was a couple of weeks ago before he left. Soccer is a big part of our life,” said Lauren.

Mostowik says Chris may not be here in person, but he will always be with them on the field.  

”His number was 21, so we’re going to put 21 with a heart around it on our jerseys so he’s always with us on the field,” Mostowik says.

Lauren says they loved to go to Brewers games together as a family. Chris’ friends and family plan to do an annual memorial event for him at Miller Park.

For now, Lauren says she's taking each day minute-by-minute, but will cherish the memories they've shared. 

”The Brewers were a big part of our life and you know, we just want to keep and make sure the boys have a good memory of their dad and keep that memory alive,” Lauren said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with Chris’ memorial service set for Saturday. To donate, click here.

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