New Berlin Father of 2 Charged with Posing as Teen Boy Online to Collect Photos of Naked Girls

NOW: New Berlin Father of 2 Charged with Posing as Teen Boy Online to Collect Photos of Naked Girls

His internet profile portrayed "andysoccer1105", a 19-year-old college student from Brookfield named Andy Harrington. 

But the man behind the keyboard was no teenager, police say. Instead, a 44-year-old New Berlin man, praying on young girls across the country.

44-year-old Craig Miller is facing 18 Felony charges, after police say he used that fake account to trick teenage girls in at least 4 states into sending him nude pictures. 

Court records show Miller lives in a New Berlin housing complex with his wife, and two young children.

       "It breaks your heart to hear that somebody would do this," said a female neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous. "I've seen them out playing with their kids, and I've seen him out playing ball with his son in the front. I would never have imagined this."

According to police, Miller took roughly 700 photos from a social media account belonging to a New Jersey Teenager. He then used these photos to create his "Andy Harrington" online persona, before contacting teenage girls in Wisconsin, Colorado, Kentucky, and Indiana. 

According to the criminal complaint, police were tipped off after one of the girls Miller tried to catfish tried to kill herself. 

Her local police department in Indiana alerted New Berlin Police, who conducted a search warrant at Miller's home.

Inside, they say they found numerous electronic devices, containing hundreds of nude photographs of teenage girls. 

Those computers contained "organized files for seventeen different people". The complaint says "many of these folders contained nude, pornographic images of various teenage girls that the Defendant had been communicating with."

Police say there may be more victims out there. According to the complaint, "There were other carefully organized folders that contained nude photos of other teenagers who have not yet been identified." 

Miller appeared in Waukesha County Court Wednesday, which set a cash bond at $50,000. 

If convicted of all 18 charges, he faces over 400 years behind bars. 

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