Neighbors believe string of Riverwest break-ins may be related

NOW: Neighbors believe string of Riverwest break-ins may be related

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After casing out a Riverwest house near N Booth and E Chambers St, a would-be burglar pried open the window with a crowbar Wednesday.

"Pretty shocking to see," neighbor Michael Rees said after watching the video. "Broad daylight, someone breaking into a house with a crowbar is a little shocking."

The homeowner said the would-be robber was scared off by the alarm before taking anything, but his neighbors weren't as lucky.

"Yesterday it was my birthday, and I was at Denny's," Eli Cousineau said.

Cousineau was in for a surprise coming home after a birthday dinner.

"My bottom door was wide open, and then my main door was wide open, and then I discovered that my TV was stolen."               

Riverwest residents say they've noticed more people casing out homes and an uptick in these kinds of crimes.

"There are a lot lately," Riverwest resident Donna Fletcher said. "A woman's house was broken into on my block on Fratney Street just the week before last."             

Some neighbors say they want more police patrols in the area. Others say it's up to them.

"The only way to overcome this kind of thing is to work together as a group, and watch out for it," Riverwest resident Kris Lennon said. "We can't just expect our police department to watch out for us."        

They've already started working together. One of Cousineau's neighbors stepped up and is giving him a new TV.

"And it's actually better than the one I had," he said. "It's 55 inches, so I'm pumped and excited."

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