Neighbors pull Glendale man from burning home after explosion

NOW: Neighbors pull Glendale man from burning home after explosion

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- A Glendale man is in the hospital after his home burst into flames on Sunday, July 10.

Mike Poelzer was tending to his garden when he says a big boom shook the neighborhood.

"Just out of nowhere. A real, real loud explosion and a shockwave kind of concussion feeling," Poelzer said.

The noise came from a house around the corner on Sievers Place.

The house was engulfed in flames and smoke was filling the sky by the time Poelzer arrived minutes later.

"Very bright. Very intense. You could feel the heat, you know, all the way, 20 feet away, 30 feet away," Poelzer said.

Poelzer told CBS 58 people living nearby pulled the homeowner from the burning building and comforted him on the front lawn. While the homeowner was screaming in pain, he was able to confirm no other people or pets were in the house.

"He had burns all over his body. His skin was like peeling off," Poelzer said,

Firefighters said the homeowner had serious, but non-life threatening burns. He was taken to a burn center.

Quick actions from neighbors may not only have saved his life, but Poelzer said it brings him comfort to know this is a caring community.

"It's great to live in a neighborhood where everybody was able to, you know, to jump into action kind of. It wasn't just me, it was many other people that were helping out," Poelzer said.

The house is a total loss.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause.

Meantime, a GoFundMe has been created for the Glendale man severely injured in the explosion. 

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